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Agonda Beach is located in the south district of Goa and is 36 Km away from Madgaon Junction Railway Station. One has to travel via NH 66 to reach agonda beach, it takes about an hour with a car and approximately 1 and a half hours by bus.

There are two options to reach Agonda Beach from Madgaon Railway Station:

  • Bus
  • Car

One can travel cheaper if they know how and where to get a bus for Agonda Beach. Let us discuss how to travel by bus from madgaon railway station to Agonda Beach.

How To Reach Agonda Beach From Madgaon Railway Station

There is no bus from the railway station for Agonda Beach, you have to reach the main bus stand which is the Margao City bus-stand for the bus to Agonda beach. As you get off from the train there are two faces of the Train Station, one is the main entrance of the station the other is the backside of the station as on the picture.

Madgaon Railway Station

The backside of the Madgaon Railway Station is more convenient to reach the Margao City Bus Stand faster. As you walk out of the station, a 5 min straight walk to the main road is where the public bus waits for passengers for the bus stand.

How to go baga beach from madgaon railway station
The main road is after crossing the OYO signboard, the place where you will get buses for Margao city bus stand

The bus usually stops for 5-10 mins and seats get quickly filled by the passengers from the train station. It is 3Km far, charges ₹10-20 and takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the bus stand. The public bus starts from 6 AM in the morning and shuts down at 7–8 PM at night, so people reaching Madgaon Railway Station at midnight will not be able to catch this bus.


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After reaching the city bus stand you’ll find direct busses for Agonda Beach, the bus fare is ₹40-50 and the distance is about 37-38Km. Sometimes it happens that you’ll not get a direct bus for Agonda beach, well there is nothing to worry about, you can get a bus for Canacona Bus Stand. From Margao city bus stand to canacona bus stand the distance and is 36Km and the fare is ₹40. From canacona bus stand you’ll find buses for Agonda beach which is 9Km away from canacona bus stand, charges ₹10-15.

Tip: From Canacona bus stand you’ll also find buses for Palolem beach.

There is two dropping station for Agonda beach if you see google maps, the first dropping point is a little bit far from the beach the other one is closest to the beach. Dropping point having a small bridge is closest to the beach, just a few steps away.


How to reach Agonda Beach By Car or Taxi?

As you get off the train station there will prepaid taxi as well as private taxi’s available. From station to Agonda Beach the distance is 36Km away and charges about ₹1000-1200. Make sure to book your hotel in advance if you’re reaching madgaon railway station at night.

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