How to go baga beach from madgaon railway station

Madgaon or Margao Railway Station as what the locals call is located in the south district of Goa. If you’re coming from Delhi or somewhere from the northern part of India, there are two-three railway stations near the Baga beach which comes before madgaon station. Some railway tends to stop at those stations but some trains stop directly at Madgaon Railway Station.

Thivim is the nearest station to Baga beach approximately 20 km, second is karmali station at about 28 km while Madgaon station (Madgaon junction) is the farthest one at about 52 km from Baga beach. Baga beach falls on the northern side of Goa and can be easily reached if you follow the right instruction and use the proper mode of transport as per your necessity.

The cheapest though not the fastest way to reach Baga Beach from Madgaon Railway Station could be traveling by the Government Bus also called Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd (KTC). It is very convenient, on time and charges a very affordable price. The best thing about the bus for a tourist is that they provide bus tickets for which you will not be cheated.

Note: Some trains reach Goa at midnight so wait for the sun to rise or use the prepaid taxies which is the best option to avoid any inconvenience at night.


How to reach Baga Beach From Madgaon Railway Station By Bus?

This is the easiest flowchart to understand how you can reach Baga Beach from Madgaon Junction Railway Station.How To Reach Baga Beach From Madgaon Railway Station(With Pictures)

As soon as you get down from the train there are two faces of the Train Station, one is the main entrance of the station the other is the backside of the station as on the picture. The backside of the Train Station is more convenient to reach the Margao City Bus Stand faster.

Madgaon Railway Station
The backside of Madgaon Railway Station

As you know, In India if you get out of the train station there will be Auto-Rickshaw drivers, cab drivers, bike drivers, etc available and waiting for you. From here there are three modes of transport available to reach the Margao city bus stand, taxi bike, Auto-Rickshaw, and public bus. Taxi bike’s charges ₹50-70, Auto-Rickshaw charges about ₹100-120 and a 5 min walk to catch the public bus for the bus stand charges ₹10-20.

As you walk out of the station you will not get the public bus, a 5 min walk to the main road is where the public bus waits for passengers for the bus stand.

How to go baga beach from madgaon railway station
The main road is after crossing the OYO signboard, the place where you will get buses for Margao city bus stand

The bus usually stops for 5 mins and seats get quickly filled as it is a minibus. It is 3Km far and takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the bus stand. The public bus starts from 6 AM in the morning and shuts down at 7–8 PM at night.

Margao Bus Station To Panjim Bus Station

After you reach Margao city bus station you have to get yourself a ticket for the Panjim bus stand from the ticket booth as on the picture. The bus fare is ₹40, though sometimes the queue is very long, it is mandatory to get a ticket.

Fact: There is no direct bus from Margao station to Baga beach.

How to go baga beach from madgaon railway station
Margao City Bus Stand Ticket Booth

Fact: Panjim or Panaji is the capital of Goa and also the city which divides north goa and south goa with a cable-stayed bridge over the Mandovi River. It has a total length of 5 Kilometers and the third-longest cable-stayed bridge in India.

panjim bus stand
Panjim Bus Station

After you get a ticket, the bus usually starts within a few minutes and takes about an hour to reach the Panjim bus stand. The distance between madgaon bus station to Panjim bus station is 34 Km.

Panjim Bus Station To Baga Beach

baga junction photo
Baga Junction, Where the public bus drops! Right for Baga beach, Middle Calangute beach, Left Panjim.

After you get down at Panjim bus station you have to search for the signboard where it is written Baga Beach or ask someone nearby for the location of the bus. From Panjim to Baga Beach the distance is 16 Km, the bus fare is about ₹20-30 and takes 40-50 minutes to reach due to traffic jams. We don’t have to buy a ticket in Panjim station, the bus fare is directly given to the bus conductor.

The busses usually don’t drop passengers at the shore of the beach but drop at the last station (as on the above picture), the place is usually called as Baga Road junction, Voila! you have reached. After getting down from the bus its just 5-10 minutes’ walk to the beach, also there are cabs available if you don’t prefer walking. The beaches are all connected so you can also walk by from Calangute beach and reach to Baga beach( use google maps).

baga beach photo
Baga Beach

P.S- From Panjim Station, you can go to every beach which falls in the north of Goa. Some examples are:

  • Calangute Beach
  • Anjuna Beach
  • Vagator Beach
  • Candolim Beach
  • Baga Beach
  • Arambol Beach, etc

Tips: The public transport bus starts from 6 AM in the morning and shuts down at 7–8 PM at night. Take your decision wisely because some trains reach Goa at midnight.


How to reach Baga Beach From Madgaon Railway Station By Prepaid Taxi?

The second option to reach Baga beach or any beach in Goa is a prepaid taxi. Prepaid taxies are available at every railway station in Goa. They charge comparatively more from other states of India, as for example from thivim they charge around ₹1000-1500, From karmali ₹1500–2000 and from Madgaon station ₹1800-2200.

If you reach any rail station late at night the prices are high for late-night cabs, so try to book your train as per your convenience. There are four-seater, six-seater, A.c, and non A.C cabs available and have different fare rates.

Tips: You need to book your hotel in advance in order to get a prepaid taxi because at night you may not get rooms available at the hotels. Also, the taxies may not drop you right at the gate of any hotel.


How to reach Baga Beach From Madgaon Railway Station By Motorcycle Taxi/Bike Taxi or Pilot?

goa bike taxi

You may have heard that there are bikes available as an uber in some states in India. Goa is a unique place where you’ll find them offline. The locals called the motorcycle taxis as Pilot and can be easily identified by their number plate which is yellow in color. Some bikes are also colored as yellow and black but surely have a yellow number plate.

Traveling with pilots is the third option available to reach Baga beach, it’s fun to ride with the bike taxi and could be a new experience for you if you haven’t seen them before.

Pilots charge ₹300-500 from madgaon station to Baga beach, as Baga beach is 52 Km away from the station they may not want to go but you can ask them if they are available. Although they can drop you anywhere you want but the drawback is that you need to have a small backpack or small baggage. You cant travel with them if you have a big trolley or many pieces of baggage.

Hope you got some help, Don’t hesitate to comment if you have any doubts to travel in Goa!

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