How To Reach Manali From Delhi (Majnu Ka Tilla)

Manali is 540 Km from Delhi and can be reached by bus at 13-15 Hours. There are two stations in Delhi from where you can board a bus for Manali :

  • Kashmere Gate ISBT (Government Bus)
  • Majnu Ka Tilla (Private Bus)

Kashmere Gate ISBT (Government Bus)

The nearest metro station for Kashmere Gate ISBT is Kashmere Gate Metro Station (Yellow Line), the bus station just falls on the opposite side of the metro station. From this ISBT you can get HRTC buses for Manali from Morning 7 AM to Night 10:30 PM.

There is both A.C and Non A.C bus available in ISBT, A.C bus is costlier and ranges from ₹800-1100 or more, depending on the type of bus you’re boarding whereas Non-A.C buses are cheaper than A.C buses and range from ₹700-850. Some buses provide blankets, packed water bottles and a polythene bag for vomiting, BAZINGA you’re lucky if you get one! Most of the buses do not provide a blanket or cushions as they are cheaper than the private buses.


Majnu Ka Tilla (Private Bus)

Buses for Manali are also available from Majnu Ka Tilla, the nearest metro station is Vishwavidyalaya if you’re coming from Samaypur Badli and Vidhan Sabha if you’re coming from Huda City Centre, both the station is in yellow line and is next to each other. Majnu Ka Tilla is 4Km from Vidhan Sabha and 3Km from Vishwavidyalaya, it takes about 10 minutes to reach by an E-Rickshaw, they charge ₹15-20.

The buses which are available in Majnu Ka Tilla are all Private A.C Volvo buses, the fare is slightly more as compare to Kashmere Gate ISBT. Fare starts from ₹900-1500, as these are all private buses they are faster as compared to government buses and have comfortable seats. The fare of the bus depends on the seat, generally, the backside seats are cheaper which starts from ₹900 and increases gradually to the front. Middle Seats cost approximately ₹900-1000 and the front seats are a little bit costlier as compared to other seats. Sometimes you can also get the front seat at ₹900-1000 if you reach earlier than others.

Where Can You Board A Bus For Delhi In Jaipur?

These buses provide blanket(during winter), water bottle, polythene bag for vomiting and also have charging port near your seat. Generally, the bus stops 3-4 times on its way. If you’re traveling at night the bus first stops in Haryana before entering Punjab for dinner, second in Chandigarh, third is in Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) for Chai break.

Last winter 2019 December, I have traveled to Manali from Majnu Ka Tilla, the bus fare was ₹900 and I got the last-second seat. I started my Journey at 7 PM and reached in Manali around 8:15 AM the next morning.


Manali Private Volvo Bus Stand
Volvo Bus Stand In Manali (All The Buses Stops Here)

All the buses coming from different states stop in Manali Private Volvo Bus stand, the government buses also stop at the same stand. Mall road is around 1.2Km away from the bus stand so you can choose to walk if you don’t want to waste your money and take some great pictures on the way.

You can also book your bus online, RedBus is one of the websites where you can book your bus online and board from some of the options given by them which is close to your home. Click here to book from RedBus.


Important Things To Keep With Yourself While Traveling To Manali

  • A bottle of water.
  • Polythene Bag. ( As soon as you reach Himachal Pradesh, the roads are very curvy and S-shaped, light headache or vertigo tends to happen to most of the travelers.)
  • Light Blanket. (The bedsheets found in hotels remain very cold during the night, you may carry a small or light blanket to keep yourself warm at night)
  • Hand Gloves.
  • Umbrella.
  • Lip Balm.

As you have all the required information, it depends upon you from which station you want to board. The advantage to board from Majnu ka Tilla is that you can get buses every 30 minutes from 7 PM to 10:30 PM, so there is no tension if you’re reaching late or fast.

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