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Where to get a bus from Delhi to Jaipur? Where can I board a bus to Jaipur from Delhi? All this question arises on your mind when don’t have anyone to clear your doubts, in this blog I’ll tell you how you can go to Jaipur from Delhi as easy as ABC.

One can travel to Jaipur by bus from Delhi at only 6 hours and of course, spend very little money if you know to travel the right way. There are many stations in Delhi where passengers can board the bus for Jaipur, Some of them are:

  • Dhaula Kuan
  • ISBT Kashmere Gate
  • Bikaner House (for Private Buses)
  • Iffco Chowk Gurgaon (for both types of buses)

Though boarding stations may be different, all the buses travel through the same road via NH 48, Therefore choose the nearest station for you which is easily travelable. There are 2 kinds of buses available, one is A.C (Private Volvo Bus) and the other is Non-A.C (Government Bus). Bus fare differs from each station, however, the fare range from ₹270-300 for government bus and ₹700-1000 for A.C Volvo buses.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are There buses Available In Dhaula Kaun For Jaipur?

Yes, there are both private and government buses available from Dhuala Kaun to Jaipur and the bus station in dhuala Kaun is right in front of the Dhuala Kaun metro station. The Government bus fare is ₹270 and Volvo buses’ average fare starts from ₹700 to 1000 depending on the seat and type of Volvo bus. It is about 254 km from Dhaula Kaun to Sindhi Camp bus stand in Jaipur.


Dhaula Kuan to Jaipur Bus Timetable

Buses in Dhaula Kaun to travel Jaipur are available from morning 6 AM till 11 PM, buses start after every 30-40 Minutes both A.C and Non-A.C.


Are there buses Available In ISBT Kashmere Gate, Delhi for Jaipur?

Kashmiri Gate ISBT is a hub for buses, from this ISBT you can travel to many states near Delhi and Jaipur is one of them. You will find a bus for Jaipur in ISBT Kashmere Gate, the bus fare range from ₹250-1000 and the distance is 265 km.


Where Does The Bus From Delhi Stops In Jaipur?

Sindhi Camp Bus Station


Iffco Chowk To Jaipur Bus RSRTC?

There are plenty of buses that pass Iffco Chowk for Jaipur. The downside to these buses is that they are slow and stops very frequently to load passengers. These buses may take up to 7 hours to reach Jaipur however the fare is very low as compared to other buses.

Fares start from ₹120 and hence is very suitable for a traveler on a budget.


Delhi To Jaipur Bus Distance?

273 Km (up to Sindhi Camp Bus Stand)



Delhi to Jaipur bus online booking

There is also another option available, which is to book your bus online. ‘Red Bus‘ is a service where you can book your ticket online for Jaipur from Delhi. The biggest advantage to choose Red Bus is that you can choose your boarding stop from a few options given by them that are close to your home. They also give you the option to select your seat and have buses of different range of fares. Just install their app on your smartphone and book yourself a ticket. Click here for their website.


Drawback Of Taking Government Bus For Jaipur(RSRTC)?

  • Gets crowded on the way.
  • Stops very frequently to load passengers.
  • It takes a longer time to reach (6-7 hours).
  • Street hawkers enter the bus while loading passengers and make noise.
  • Very hot during summer.
  • Seats are not comfortable.


Benefits Of Taking Government Bus For Jaipur(RSRTC)?

  • Windows are present.
  • Good for a person who vomits.
  • The bus is warm during the winter season.
  • Cheaper than the A.C bus.
  • Meet interesting people.

Hope you got some help! Be sure to comment on any doubt.

Where Can You Board A Bus For Delhi In Jaipur?


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