Things To Do In Amer Fort Jaipur

There is a confusion among the people regarding the name Amer Fort, Amber Fort, and Amber Palace. The above mention names are the same but the Fort is popularly known as Amer Fort. The Fort is located in Amer, Rajasthan, India.

Amer is a town in Rajasthan with an area of 4 square kilometers and comes before Jaipur if you travel from Delhi through NH48. Amer Fort is located 11 kilometers north of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.

Fact 1: It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Jaipur.

Amer Fort Entry Fee

  • Indian Tourist: ₹200
  • Foreign Tourist: ₹500

Amer Fort Timing :

MondayDay: 8am–5:30pm, Night: 6:30–9:15pm
TuesdayDay: 8am–5:30pm, Night: 6:30–9:15pm
WednesdayDay: 8am–5:30pm, Night: 6:30–9:15pm
ThursdayDay: 8am–5:30pm, Night: 6:30–9:15pm
FridayDay: 8am–5:30pm, Night: 6:30–9:15pm
SaturdayDay: 8am–5:30pm, Night: 6:30–9:15pm
SundayDay: 8am–5:30pm, Night: 6:30–9:15pm

Top 13 Things To Do In Amer Fort, Must Know Before You Go!

  • Elephant Ride

Elephant Ride At Amer Fort Jaipur
Images Source: Google Maps

Getting an elephant ride up the stairs at the Amer Fort is a popular tourist activity and a Royal Experience.

Elephant rides are available to reach the fort from the road up to the entrance. They charge about ₹900-1200 rupees for 2 passengers and explore around the fort and the palace. Kids loved seeing the elephant and of course, riding an elephant is a different experience, fun and memorable. You can have a beautiful view of the surroundings and click some good pictures from the top of an elephant and is one of the top things to do in Jaipur.

Tip 1: For an elephant ride, you have to reach there early in the morning before the place gets too busy.

  • Learn Some History

If you’re visiting Amer Fort first time, you can hire an official guide for ₹200-400 (depends on the number of people) to evaluate all your curiosities and know the surprising facts and histories of the fort and the palace. The guide will tell you everything about Amer Fort, Amer Palace, Who build it, How the Kings lived, What food they ate and many more. You will get more information than Google, which hardly tells you about some of their beliefs which they had always followed.Amer Palace jaipur things to do

It is worth the price you pay for the information they provide and worth going that far from the city and seeing such beauty structure. You’ll miss a lot of things to visit inside the palace if you don’t hire a guide because it takes 3 to 4 hours to move all around the palace. Try to avoid guides who are not official because they can give you the wrong information, check their ID-card before hiring them. There are 22 points at the Amber fort which you would love to know through a guide that was strategically built and decorated.

Fact 2: It took over 150 years to build.

Tip 2: Guides help with special photo opportunities at some places where others can’t go.

  • Visit Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal 2020
Images Source: Google Maps

Sheesh Mahal or Mirror Palace is located inside the Amer palace and gives a great vibe when you are inside it. Most people come to Amer palace, take a look from outside and go away as the Sheesh Mahal is a bit inside and the entry fee is high as compare to other places (₹200). There are lots of interesting things inside the palace and Sheesh Mahal.

Amazing work on glass had been done and is hard to imagine the complexity of the methods used for constructing this structure. Its architecture, beauty, art and cannot be described in words. The orientation and designing of mirrors inside the palace were spectacular and amazing. The construction of this corridor is done so that if a beam of light enters the Mahal, this light would be recreated in the mirrors and the whole lobby would be illuminated with the natural light.

Note that this Hall was constructed during the 1500s and was completed in the 1700s which remains and reminds us of our great history. The Mahal has a great mixture of Indian and Persian art and architecture. It has a beautiful garden in front and considered the best attraction at the Amer Fort and worth a visit.

Tip 3: You don’t need to buy a separate ticket for Sheesh Mahal because it is included on the ticket for Amer palace.

20 Tips For A Tourist Visiting Jaipur In 2020.


  • Amer Fort Light And Sound Show

In the evening the Amer Palace hosts a breathtaking Light and Sound show also called “son-et-lumière”. It is an attempt in reviving the pride, history, and traditions of Amber and showcases in a dramatic colorful light on the walls of this Palace. The show highlights the folklore, local legends, and celebrates the maestros of folk music, who, to this day, continue to give Rajasthan its unique identity.


The show has been set in an eye-catching location, with a brilliant view of Amber Fort & Palace Complex in the front, wonderful and magnificent hills behind it, and the rising Jaigarh Fort on the left,

Light And Sound Show Timing

English: Entry Fee: ₹200

  • March to April – 7:00 PM
  • May to September – 7:30 PM
  • October to February -6:30 PM

Hindi:  Entry Fee: ₹100

  • March to April –  8:00 PM
  • May to September – 8:30 PM
  • October to February – 7:30 PM

Tip 4: Do carry a camera if you have one and make history by clicking some pictures of the historic structures.

  • Segway Ride

Segway rides are available at the entrance of the Amer Fort. They charge ₹200 per person for 2 rounds of the full area within the orange border made by them.segway ride at amer fort jaipur

It is a good experience and must-try if you haven’t tried yet. Kids get excited about seeing the segway and must avoid them if they are too small for the ride.

Tip 5: Washrooms and eatables are available at the palace.

  • Ride The Battery Car

There is a battery-operated car available for reaching the fort. They charge ₹50 per person to take you from the roadside entrance up to the fort, 5 people can go at a time. It is probably the most used transport other than elephant ride for reaching the fort if you don’t want to climb the stairs to the fort.Things To Do In Amer Fort Jaipur

The battery-operated car is also available for returning and available at the entrance of the fort. It is most suitable for senior citizens and small kids. They also allow couples to enjoy the ride by hiring the whole car for ₹150 per couple.

Tip 6: Personal car parking available at the backside of the fort at ₹40-50

Car parking at amer fort ₹50
Car Parking Beside The Amer Fort
  • Rajasthan Rice Papad

You must try the Rajasthani Rice Papad (Local snack made from rice) in Amer Fort. It is available at the lowest cost of ₹10-20 and the size is bigger than your face.Things To Do In Amer Fort Jaipur

Street hawkers will be selling the rice papad on the way to the fort and you will be seeing many people buying them in the queue. It is unique papad and must-try, which is available only at Rajasthan.

  • Try The Handmade Kulfi

At the entrance of the fort near the main road, you will find some street vendors selling local icecream called the Kulfi.Kulfi At Amer Fort

It is served with a leaf at the bottom as you can see in the picture, which is useful to avoid dripping of the ice cream as it melts. It tastes great and has many flavors.

Tip 7: There are some silent and beautiful spots to sit and have a coffee or breakfast.

  • Click Good Pictures

As you travel to Amer Fort and soon reach near to its location you can see the grandeur from the roadside. It is a grand structure that looks amazing from far. Tripods are not allowed in this fort, You’ll be chased by the police present there if you were found using it. Though tripods are not allowed you are allowed to use and carry your DSLR camera inside the palace. There are beautiful gardens, courtyards and many more inside this magnificent palace.

Things To Do In Amer Fort Jaipur
At The Entrance Of Amer Palace

Some of the best locations for photographs is the present at the entrance where you can get the whole view of the fort, at the palace, sheesh mahal, the garden inside the palace, the lake at the entrance, courtyard, the tree after the main entrance, and many more places.

Fact 3: Several Bollywood movies and videos were also shooted here.

  • Jab Pyar Kia to Darna kya filmed at Sheesh Mahal.
  • Deepika’s ‘Bajirao Mastani’
  • Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Manikarnika’
  • Enjoy The Maotha Lake

The presence of the lake in front of Amer Fort makes it very beautiful and cools the area nearby. If you happen to visit the fort during summer and monsoon season, the cold chilly winds from the lake will make your day. Maotha Lake At Amer Fort Jaipur

The lake is a bit dry during the winter and you can go near it and click some good pictures of the fort with the lake in front.

Fact 4: Amer Fort was home to King’s family before they were moved to City Palace located in the middle of the city of Jaipur.

  • Visit The Garden 

There are 2 gardens in Amer Fort namely Kesar Kyari Garden or Saffron Garden which is located at the front of the fort and Sheesh Mahal Garden which is located inside the sheesh mahal. Spend some time here to relax and click some pictures as a memory.

Tip 8: You can buy the popular Rajasthani Pagdi (Cap) for ₹20-40 or hire it for a photoshoot for ₹10.

  • Click Photographs

There are many cameramen in and out of the palace. Some cameraman provides a Rajasthani local costume for clicking a picture with it. They will click good images of yours and print them beautifully on an A4 photo paper within 10 minutes and charge about ₹100-200.

Although you may have a camera, those cameramen are clicking pictures daily over there so they have the idea of locations where you could get awesome pictures.

Tip 9: They will help you with impressive poses.

  • Climb The Wall Opposite Side Of The Fort

If you still have energy left after visiting the fort you can have an adventurous climb of the wall located just opposite side of the fort. The wall is huge and looks like the Great Wall Of China.Things To Do In Amer Fort Jaipur

You will have a breathtaking view of Amer from the top of the wall and enjoy the cool wind there.

Fact 5: Out of the three forts in Jaipur Amer Fort is the biggest.

Tip 10: Carry an umbrella during summer and monsoon season.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Amer Fort?

1. Are Amer Fort and amber fort the same?

-> Yes

2. Does Uber or OLA cabs go till the entrance of Amer fort?

-> Yes, but at the roadside entrance and not at the palace entrance.

3. Best Times to visit Amer Fort?

-> December

4. The cheapest way to travel to Amer Fort?

-> Public AC/Non AC bus starting at ₹40 from Hawa Mahal.

5. Is composite ticket worth it?

Composite Ticket is available at ₹300 per person and valid for 2 days. Yes, it may be worth for you if you can travel all the 8 monuments in 2 days. Monuments include are:

  • Amber Palace
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Sisodia Rani garden
  • Vidhyadhar garden
  • Hawa Mahal
  • Nahargarh fort
  • Albert Hall
  • Isarlat

Click in this official link to book your ticket!

I hope you got some help from this blog! Do share your Amber Fort experiences.


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