Where Should You Stay In Manali

There are tons of answer on the internet to this question as to where you should stay in Manali and almost everyone give you the same answer, like the hotel name, prices and distance from here to there. I know you’re looking for an answer which says unforgettable, affordable hotel prices, good location, and travelable.

There are many hotels in Manali and you’ll see the brokers coming to you as soon as you get down from your bus. They talk sweet like Sir/Mam you can check the hotel first and then decide to book it or not, in this way they have already booked you half at their choice of hotel and not yours.

Manali is a very good place for your vacation and it is important to note that you’re visiting it to have some good memories and relaxation from your daily work. So it is very important to have some ideas as to how is Manali weather, the best location for your stay and is food easily available?

If you ask an experienced traveler or someone passionate about traveling you’ll get an answer which is almost all time not similar to the newbie traveler. They always look for the best experience, best stay location and enjoy the best wherever they go. There is no fun if you go and stay in a luxury hotel or pay high for a hotel where you’re not even comfortable, so it is better to go and visit a hotel and then book it rather than looking pictures and booking in advance or taken to the hotel by some stranger.

What’s Wrong With Mall Road Hotels?

Mall road hotels are not the best place to stay if you are traveling Manali for enjoying. There is nothing special in mall road hotels, you’ll find it the same as your place i.e shops, restaurants, hotels, fast food, bus stop, etc. Hotels in mall road are so close to each other that you’ll not even see the beautiful mountains covered by snow. Though there is nothing so special in the mall road, the specialty starts as you cross the mall road, this place has got something that can excite you even if you’re tired after your long journey.

best resorts in old manali near river
Old Manali Starts From Here

The best place to stay in Manali starts after you cross the mall road and move towards the old Manali road. There are of course expensive and affordable hotels available else like everywhere and also hostels for single travelers. Hotels in Old Manali is best if you would like to wake up and have a beautiful view of the snow-covered mountains or have a cup of coffee and enjoy the nature. Old Manali is 2.3 Km from Mall road, you can either choose to walk or get an auto to reach it. Auto charges ₹20 if you’re traveling with other fellow passengers and ₹100 if you’re traveling alone.

Where Should You Stay In old Manali
View From Old Manali Hotel

Fact: River Beas separate Old Manali from New Manali

best resorts in manali near river
Beas River (Dry During Winter)

There are many hotels in Old Manali, so you can choose the hotel which is best located and facing the white snow-covered mountains or hotels giving access to the roof. To give an idea of the price range of hotels are from ₹800-1500 for a budget traveler Like everywhere there are also resorts whose price starts from ₹2000-5000 per night.


Advantage To Stay In Old Manali

  • Best location
  • Beautiful View
  • River Beas allows you to do activities like Rope Jumping and Rafting
  • Very calm at night
  • Near to Hamdimba temple
  • Less crowd
  • Quiet and has its taste of enjoyment


Advantage To Stay In Mall Road

  • Nearest to the bus station
  • Many restaurants and fast-food joints
  • Cheap hotels
  • Shopping centers
  • Near to road, therefore going to Solang valley and Rohtang pass becomes easier.
  • Near to Van vihar park
  • Nightlife is much better


best resorts in manali near river
Pine Trees In Old Manali


Disadvantage To Stay In Old Manali

  • Packed eatables are charged ₹5 extra per item
  • Far from bus stand
  • Not many restaurants are available
  • Nightlife is not so popular

Disadvantage To Stay In Mall Road

  • Location and Mountain view is not so visible
  • Crowded
  • Not so clean like old Manali
  • Traffic Jam
rope jumping in old manali
Rope Jumping

If you are looking for a Place with views of the valley then you should book your hotel away from the mall road and market region. It is better to stay away from the market and enjoy the beautiful places in Manali as you’re there only for a few days. Most of the time in Manali rains and snows during November -January, don’t forget to carry an umbrella if you have one. It is worth to stay in Old Manali as you can breathe cleaner and fresh air compared to cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

P.S Room heater is available at an extra cost of ₹300.

Make sure there is no hidden GST and other taxes before taking a room. As always stay in quieter and comfortable surroundings and enjoy your life.


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